Overspray Removal Services Provided

We understand the complexity that an overspray claim can present.  National Overspray Removal’s management system was developed to provide the absolute best repair solution for our clients and their customers.

Our mobile on-site repair program brings the professionals right to your location where we can usually have your vehicle repaired in 2-4 hours.  Overspray removal services are hand applied by highly skilled technicians that are capable of handling any overspray type.  Best of all, our overspray repair process will leave the vehicle looking better than before the overspray occurred.

Read below to find our about the overspray services we provides for your industry.

An overspray removal program designed to simplify and facilitate the claims process from start to finish

  • We will inspect all damages in order to help you set your claim reserve
  • Our mobile on-site capabilities and repair expertise reduce claimant downtime and additional claim costs, such as rental car and replaced parts
  • We document the entire claim from start to finish providing thorough four corner photography of each vehicle
  • We obtain a liability release form from each claimant after we have their full satisfaction with the work performed
  • Pre-clean inspections performed to every vehicle with claimant present to document any pre-existing damages
  • We educate all claimants on our overspray removal process in addition to discussing the benefits of overspray removal over the other options (repaint, wet sand, harsh solvents or abrasives)

Let us take the overspray problem off your hands


  • Knowing the chemical nature of the overspray in addition to a good description of the severity, we can provide an accurate estimate for repairs costs
  • We will work with you or your insurance carrier to quickly and cost effectively resolve your overspray issues, in effect getting your vehicle back to normal
  • We will educate all claimants regarding our overspray removal process in addition to discussing the benefits of overspray removal over the other options (high speed buff, wet sand, or repaint)
  • Our mobile onsite capabilities and repair expertise make the repair process convenient for those effected and most important bring huge cost savings

National Overspray Removal understands the crucial factor of down time to your inventory

  • Our large loss capabilities and on-site repair program allow us to manage your floor plan in a timely and extremely effective manner
  • Our repair program is above all developed to keep you up to date with the status of your vehicles
  • Best of all, each vehicle’s finish will be show room ready when we’re done!

Your vehicle is safest in the hands of one of our skilled overspray removal technicians

  • Non abrasive repair process
  • Applied by hand without the use of mechanical buffers, compounds, or chemicals
  • No need to wet sand or repaint your vehicle
  • Repainting your vehicle will reduce its value immediately
  • Our hand polish overspray removal process will leave your vehicle’s finish looking better than before the overspray occurred
  • Your total satisfaction with the repair process is our ultimate goal

iron dust from rail road overspray
iron dust overspray from rail road repaired

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